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Why I’m getting on the blogging bandwagon

Every girl deserves to feel great about her body, regardless of what size she is.  All ladies deserve to be healthy, feel awesome, and eat delicious, wholesome foods. I want to help you guys do that! Life should be about maximizing enjoyment, minimizing stress and reaching our health and wellness goals. This blog is a duel nutrition and psychology blog with a large serving of my recipes on the side. The health and dieting market abounds with myths that have zero foundation in science. I’d like to use this site to clear up myths I spot in the media, on TV shows and elsewhere. It IS possible to eat mouth-watering meals that are just as good for us as they are tasty.  The notion that healthy equals boring needs to thrown in the trash like last seasons IT bag. Healthy is hip and my goal is that this blog will be a testament to the truth of those words.

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