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Message Box & Email: I read and answer every email sent to me personally — not even just one email is filtered through an assistant, intern, or anyone else. The super de duper thing about this is that you will be talking to me and not my secret, evil, junk food-loving twin (note: she may or may not actually exist). Regrettably, this makes it almost impossible to stay on top of everything that swings through my inbox. So, in hopes to make contacting me more effective for all of us (and so I can respond to yours as soon as I can!):

  • General questions: Is this a simple question that you would like a speedy answer to? Check out the ABOUT page; I might have already answered it!

  • Recipe questions: Is this a recipe question? Please leave it in the comments of the post-it relates to. Emails can take days to respond to, but I respond to almost all questions posted in comments in a day or less.

  • Other inboxes: I have quickly learned that multiple inboxes and numerous forms of social media are difficult for one gal to manage and Instagram (I use that one most, but not as much as email), Facebook (I use this one second), Twitter (I rarely do the tweet thang) or any other social media is not as awesome (translation: efficient) as email or filling out the contact form below.

  • Book publicity: Do you have a question about the Love Your Body book or other publicity? Contact Dash Applewood  (

  • Media Inquiries: Literary projects, magazine article proposals, and interviews are represented by my incredible agent,  Dash Applewood (

  • Medical questions: I’ve found myself receiving oodles of medical questions about serious health conditions that I am by no means qualified to answer. I may have a kick-ass father who is an amazing doctor and I do have a B.A. in nutritional science from Cornell University, but I am indeed not a doctor. I would not even be a doctor if I donned a white medical coat and stethoscope. Please venture to and click on the contact form there or join my pops member center where you may ask medical questions to a staff of amazing doctors who not only wear white medical coats (at least on occasion) but are highly qualified physicians too. Ask them medical questions to your heart’s content!

  • Missed emails: Have you emailed me in the past and I haven’t replied? Please accept my apology and email me again! I go through periods where I am an extra busy bee and my inbox gets massively backlogged. By the time I finally locate it, many of the emails are weeks or months (gasp!) old and I cringe to write this, but I feel so silly for responding to emails that seem ancient in digital time (digital time must be substantially faster than real life time, don’t you think?). If I don’t respond to you in a week or less, please resend your email because I would love to hear from you again.

For everything else, my email address is and I look forward to hearing from you!

If you have questions or special inquiries, you're welcome to contact me or fill out this form

Thanks for emailing.

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