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I’ve got a CAUSEBOX and I know how to love it

THE CAUSEBOX. It’s GOODSTUFF. I am eager to share with you what it is, what it represents and how you and I can participate in something much larger than ourselves by snagging one. Also in this blog post are a few priceless life and business tips from one of the co-founders of Sevenly.

Let’s begin with some brief Sevenly talk. Sevenly is the company responsible for developing THE CAUSEBOX program. It was founded in 2011, so it’s a baby company! It was conceived on a principle that I believe anyone who supports the words kindness and compassion will also support. Hence, anyone not evil. If you are evil and reading this, you may be on the wrong website. This principle is that “People Matter”. People > Money. It’s that simple. Every single item purchased on gives $7 to a designated charity. $4,386,102 has been raised at the publication time of this blog post.


No wonder this company has over 1,363,512 people who have helped and 369,764 fans on Facebook in just four years. It turns out there are a lot of people who are not only not evil, but are taking actions to support amazing causes ~ this is worthy of celebration, celebration with a CAUSEBOX!


What can you expect in a CAUSEBOX? I found the Perf {short for perfect!} Turkish Towel, flat woven in Turkey, to be the coolest item in the box. It’s by Give Perf, a company which donates 15 percent of profits to programs that supply basic needs to impoverished women, children, and families. Fifteen percent of the proceeds of my Perf Turkish towel is going to Convoy of Hope, an organization which donates money to clean water projects and community development in Haiti.


Life works in unexpectedly wonderful ways sometimes and as I was opening my CAUSEBOX, I was simultaneously tuning in to a favorite podcast of mine called The School Of Greatness. It turns out that the most recent guest, whose words I found to be insightful and spot on, was Dale Partridge, a co-founder of He recently released a book called Putting People Over Profit in Business and I am very excited to read it {ur..listen to it}! I LOVE to listen to audiobooks as I cook, bake, and test new recipes. I am grateful to learn and be creative at the same time {introvert central}! I might experience recipe disasters every now and then and have to go on random mad dashes to the grocery store, but boy do I relish the learning and cooking combo!


A few takeaways from the episode {it was so stellar, I couldn’t help but re-listen when I was done with my latest recipe and take notes to share with you}. I enjoyed the above fresh organic carrot juice I enjoyed while listening!:

1) Emotional leadership should be principle numbero uno. ~ Many of the strongest companies in the world killin’ it in the marketplace, such as Patagonia, North Face, In N’ Out, and Whole Foods Market {hmm one of these companies I might not like so much…which one could it be?! It might just start with In and end with Out. Maybeeee *insert silly face emoji!*}, all share common characteristics founded in compassion and kindness. Don’t lie, love one another, be fair, be generous. So simple, so true, not as commonly practiced as it should be!

2) Money should not be the primary goal. ~ Helping as many people as possible should be! Instead of aiming for profit first, aim for helping people first and profit and success will follow.

3) Value people as bottom lines, not as numbers of a corporate bottom line. ~ Companies have shifted away from treating employees as humans, but this can backfire royally. His method for firing people is genius (make the person feel like an honored alumni instead of rejected). Pattern and habits are powerful, but this does not mean that they are the right way.

4) Making money is one of the easiest things we can do. ~ However, one of the hardest things we can do is make money while being caring and compassionate towards people. Profit is easy, people are hard. Every human life is worth exactly the same. Somebody working at Walmart is worth the exact same as you are. Arrogance is deadly yet too many people in business possess large egos. This is a great Achilles’ heel. It’s hard to learn how to love people, it’s easy to learn how to make money.

For more information about THE CAUSEBOX and/or to snag your own, CLICK HERE.

As always, thank you for visiting my blog and reading about this important cause! Now to create a new recipe….XOXO, Talia

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