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Now We Are Talkin’! Strawberry Cashew Ice Cream Please

Wowza, I have been a busy gal! As I sit down to type this, my parents left town just this morning and I have been working the day away since their departure. I hadn’t seen either of them in six months, so it was a real treat to spend a weekend with them and only them. I have three younger siblings, so I felt like a total parent hog during this unusual sibling-free parent time. No matter how old you get, family time is so important. As for work stuff, my cookbook is coming along nicely, but just between you and me and whomever else reads this, my favorite part of working on a health desserts cookbook is the food photography part! I can take a million photos {or at least almost a million} to make sure I capture the best photo and I am enthralled by food photography. I just can’t get enough of it. And I may be exaggerating just a bit regarding how many photos I take. It may be more like thousands, but I don’t count. I just keep clicking and clicking and forming an unnaturally strong liking for my camera.

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