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Omg I just took a scientific article and put it in a fashion post


I have officially learned how to create a widget. What is a widget you ask? It is what you see below and let me tell you, there is much satisfaction to be had in learning how to create a widget. This is especially true when you like fashion as much as I do. Is like the appropriate word for my feelings about fashion? No, I don’t believe so. Like doesn’t tell a story, like doesn’t describe personality or experiences. And while this may be true for all words ~they are just little tiny words, after all~, ruminating about my past and how fashion has always been a part of my life makes feel that like just won’t do. Let’s go with cherish.

This is my first widget. Say hello to my widget and the pretty things inside!

Now how can one cherish fashion? It is very simple actually. Don’t tell my mother I told you, but it all began with her. Oh yes, and my grandmother too. Actually, I’m not sure why you shouldn’t tell my mother, maybe you can if you know her. In fact, if you know her and you are reading this blog post, say hi to her for me. Now, as I was saying (ur…writing), I was a little kid trying on shoes in Nordstrom when I first decided I liked that place. Now I think we will fast forward to high school because hey, I am a girl and a lotttt of girls like fashion and I don’t want this post to take a dive into unrecoverable cliche waters. In high school, I decided I would go into a career in fashion merchandising. This was if the whole pro tennis player thing didn’t work out for me. I went back and forth between nutritionist, fashion something, tennis, environmental lobbyist and even acting. Yes, that’s right. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life back then, as with most high school students. After serious sole searching (we are talking seerrrrioussss, people, seerrrrioussss), it turns out that helping people learn what I knew about nutrition spoke to me the most and seemed like the most rewarding choice, but the fashion bug never did go away. It is not like the flu, you know. Cherish is appropriate, because some of my fondest memories are of shopping with my mom, reading Elle and Vogue and sketching fashion pictures in my notebook between tennis matches. A lot of time was spent on fashion.

So on the same week that it has been announced that Zoolander 2 is in the works (who else is elated about this?!), I am going to begin incorporating more fashion posts on the website you find yourself reading at this very moment. More healthy recipes to come. A whole lot more too! I’m going to mix all of the loves I had in high school right here on this website. It’s my virtual home and I hope you enjoy the different twists and turns I take with each post. Because I love animals so much, all fashion recommendations will be cruelty-free.

And while it’s fun to take my own pictures, things are going to get beachy and I am taking advantage of where I live in gorgeous Southern Cali and collaborate with photographers soon on more artsy, fashiony and likely sciency photos soon. Stay tuned!


Who doesn’t love flowers? Why not put them in your hair, right? This is a Natasha Couture ‘Garden’ Braided Floral Head Wrap from Nordstrom.

Nature, nature, nature. I love you. If you love both fashion and nature, then you might love this fun fact too:

A Finnish study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that adolescents that have reduced contact with the environment are more likely to suffer from allergies and have less diverse beneficial bacteria on their skin. Fascinatingly, adolescents living in forested or agricultural areas had greater quantities of anti-inflammatory bacteria on the skin than adolescents who lived in either built-up areas or near bodies of water. This study gets even more interesting because a connection was found between biodiversity and allergy prevalence. As species diversity of flowering plants went up, fewer allergies were found in the adolescent participants. So wear flowers in your hair, and go outside and enjoy them too!

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